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  • Announcements and Upcoming Dates - February 2021

    Announcements and Upcoming Dates - February 2021

    Poteet Martial Arts Announcements February 2021 WE HAVE MISSED YOU ALL! 1.WE ARE OPEN! ALL classes resume TODAY 2/1/2021! Everything is CLEAN and SANITIZED and ready for your return! Masks are suggested, but not required. Please do what you/your family are comfortable with. We will continue to sanitize everything between classes daily as well as work to maintain distancing as best as possible. 2.Congratulations Katelyn Soukup for winning the practice during the closure contest. She gets her choice of a new student uniform or a 1-hourprivate lesson with Mr. or Mrs. Poteet 3.Speaking of student uniforms – if you have been waiting on a NEW one, they are in! Cost is ....

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  • American Red Cross Blood Drive

    The American Red Cross will be testing for COVID-19 antibodies at our upcoming blood drive. Please Join us in donating Blood – “In Honor of “ Neecole Heard As Neccole Heard works to get her iron deficiency anemia under control, she’s grateful for her family, her doctors and blood donors for helping her regain her strength. As a blood recipient and daughter of two committed blood donors, Neccole knows the importance of donating. Join Neccole and give blood for those in need at this upcoming blood drive held in her honor Blood Drive: Saturday, October 31, 2020 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Poteet Martial Arts- Training Room 1080 Dividend Street ....

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  • Toby Alexander - Essay Contest Winner ages 4-7

    Here is the Essay Contest Winner for our 4-7 year old category! Congratulations Mr. Toby Alexander!! Toby Alexander Taekwon-do is important because you need to do punching and kicking. I get to play games after the punching and kicking. I like doing punching and kicking boards…real boards. It’s fun. Mrs. Poteet and Mr. Poteet get to teach me something new. I made new friends. Some of my friends have the same belt as me and some don’t. My favorite thing is the games. The jump front snap kick is my favorite. Mr. Sims is my favorite teacher. ....

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  • Danica Alexander - Essay Contest Winner ages 8-12

    Here is the Essay Contest Winner for our 8-12 year old category! Congratulations Miss Danica Alexander!! Why Taekwon-do is Important to Me By Danica Alexander Taekwon-do is important to me for many reasons. It is important to me because it is fun, I have made many friends, and I have worked really hard to get where I am now, as a red belt. It has helped me not be shy anymore and it helped me find out that I love sparring. I have learned how to memorize knowledge and patterns. I have also learned some words in Korean. Taekwon-do also helps me with my physical and mental strength by pushing me to do what I never thought I could do. It has some activities that are difficult like ....

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  • Maximillian Donahue - Essay Contest Winner ages 13-17

    Here is the Essay Contest Winner for our 13-17 year old category! Congratulations Mr. Maximillian Donahue!! Maximilian Donahue TaeKwonDo: My thoughts. Why is TaeKwonDo important to me? The answer is simple. I like it. It would be nice to have an inspiring story, but I do not. I joined because my sibling convinced me it would be fun. I was not bullied or in fear of my life. I have spent five years doing it, and now I’m now about to get my black belt. It has been a fun journey. Just as my sibling promised. The question is then, why do I like TaeKwonDo? The answer is TaeKwonDo is an enjoyable workout. It helps with stress management. Doing some of my patterns when I am ....

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  • Kids Fitness Kickboxing Morning PE classes beginning soon!

    Kids Fitness Kickboxing Morning PE classes beginning soon!

    We are happy to announce that we will be offering semester length Kids Kickboxing PE classes at Poteet Martial Arts in two different age categories! Fall Semester = September 1 - November 20, 2020 Spring Semester = February 1 - April 30, 2021 Ages 5-9 Tuesday/Thursday @ 10 am Ages 10-17 Wednesday/Friday @ 10 am Cost: $99 per student, per semester (please note this price is applicable to all students, including PMA students) Reserve your spot ASAP online as each class has a capacity of 36 to maintain 6 foot apart social distancing. Kids Kickboxing PE Classes Ages 5-9– Fall Semester: ....

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  • Power Breaking by Aaron Poteet

    Power Breaking by Aaron Poteet

    Power Breaking In this paper I will cover the different aspects of power breaking that I have learned in my twelve years in Tae Kwon-Do such as the theory of power, how to be physically prepared, as well as mentally prepared. I have had many role models in my journey but one of the greatest is Mr. Mike Deardorff V Dan. To successfully break in Tae Keon-Do you must have power, thankfully we have the theory of power. It has gone through every test you could imagine and still holds true. It consists of reaction force, concentration, equilibrium, breath control, mass, and speed. All six elements increase the power and force of a technique. Reaction force is mostly talked about in class ....

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  • Side Kick Tutorial - COVID-19 update

    Greetings Poteet Posse! Please check out our Posse Facebook page to view a tutorial short video over side piercing kick aka Yop Cha Jirugi. We know the majority of you are staying home to avoid COVID-19. We are a family and are here to support each other. We hope these daily videos give you all something to do to stay actively training. The videos will be over many aspects, as we know TKD is! We will include kicking, patterns, stances, fundamental movements and knowledge, all of which can be worked on at home! We would love to see your videos of you practicing so please share! For those of you who are still coming in Monday - Thursday, at 5 ....

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