World Cup Koper Slovenia

World Cup Koper Slovenia

Results from the ITF World Cup in Koper Slovenia, October 2022:

Annette Poteet - gold Veteran 46+ Women's hyper weight sparring & power test

Teri Ann Lewis - bronze blue belt 36-45 Women's patterns & middle weight sparring
Emily Hersker - gold blue belt Women's 18-35 hyper weight sparring, bronze patterns
Caitlyn Ellis - red belt bronze Junior Women's hyper weight sparring 
Caleb Lewis - red belt Junior Men's silver hyper weight sparring, bronze specialty technique 
We had a total of 10 competitors. Not listed above:
Josh Archer - 4th overall in Men's 18-35 power test. 
Ashley Baker - 1 of 3 Women who cleared the side kick break in Women's 18-35 Women's power test, it was disqualified for her elbow touching the machine. 
Josh & Ashley made it 1 round from medal contention in 18-35 pre-arranged, losing 2/3 to the team who received silver. 
Chris Poteet - 1 round out of medal contention in Veteran Men's 4th - 6th Dan patterns & heavy weight sparring. 
Max Donahue 
Vivian Baker
Coaches: Chris Poteet, Annette Poteet, Josh Archer, Ashley Baker & Ben Lewis
We were exceptionally proud of all of our competitors whether they made it to the podium or not. This was a very new group of competitors from PMA, only 2 have ever competed internationally. They all worked together, showed great composure and performed very well. As with any tournament, we took away valuable lessons and will implement them moving forward. There were 52 countries there. The United States had 4 clubs there and won a total of 27 medals, making us 12th overall with Poteet Martial Arts bringing 9 of those 27 medals home. 

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