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Our team at Poteet Martial Arts is proud to offer WAKO Kickboxing classes that will help you knock out a fun and dynamic workout session. Our kickboxing classes are an incredible way to lose weight, build lean muscle tone across your entire body, and feel better in your everyday life. You'll also get started on learning the fundamentals of self-defense! Join us in Midlothian and get the best workout available here, in Waxahachie or surrounding areas, or anywhere else!

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What is WAKO Kickboxing?

The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations is an international kickboxing organization counting over 120 affiliated countries representing all five continents. WAKO is a major governing body of amateur kickboxing and is responsible for the development of kickboxing worldwide. 

Kickboxing is a modern contact fighting sport created on the basis of many traditional combat sports and martial arts. Kickboxing is a unique Western response to many Eastern martial arts. It can be practiced on a competitive or recreational level depending on the aspirations of the kickboxer, but for sure it is a sport designed to improve your overall health, strength and endurance.

WAKO kickboxing has 7 competitive disciplines, three ring and four tatami disciplines.

Kickboxing is one of the youngest martial arts systems and one of the fastest growing. Kickboxing has been in existence since the early 60s. Its conception came about because of the desire of Martial Artists to test their skills against each other in a safe and controlled environment. In fact in the safe way and manner that Judo evolved from Jujitsu.

It is a dynamic and effective Martial Art. It incorporates kicking, punching, sweeping and throwing. 

Stop by our Midlothian location or try out a class and see for yourself how kickboxing can transform your fitness!

Through our WAKO Kickboxing classes, you can:
  • Create healthy and sustainable weight loss
  • Improve your speed, strength, and stamina
  • Enjoy reduced stress and anxiety
  • Connect with our awesome community in Midlothian !

So no matter what your fitness goals are, join us at Poteet Martial Arts for WAKO Kickboxing classes that will genuinely help you create lasting results and feel better in your everyday life

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At Poteet Martial Arts, we're proud to provide our members with a great community, a high-quality workout, and an awesome martial arts experience. Our WAKO Kickboxing program will help you kick start your fitness while you meet new friends mentors from across Midlothian , Waxahachie, and surrounding areas -- you'll love your workout, guaranteed. 

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