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Maximillian Donahue - Essay Contest Winner ages 13-17

Here is the Essay Contest Winner for our 13-17 year old category! Congratulations Mr. Maximillian Donahue!!
Maximilian Donahue
TaeKwonDo: My thoughts.
Why is TaeKwonDo important to me? The answer is simple. I like it. It would be nice to have an inspiring story, but I do not. I joined because my sibling convinced me it would be fun. I was not bullied or in fear of my life. I have spent five years doing it, and now I’m now about to get my black belt. It has been a fun journey. Just as my sibling promised. The question is then, why do I like TaeKwonDo? The answer is TaeKwonDo is an enjoyable workout. It helps with stress management. Doing some of my patterns when I am stressed allows me to take my mind off of a subject, and then refocus with more vigor. It also helps me improve physically. When doing bag work, I can throw kicks, which compared to what I could do five years ago, are quite impressive. Things I never thought I could do, I can now do. It is a light to medium contact martial art that I can do for the rest of my life. It won’t guarantee that I will survive a street situation, but it can increase the likelihood of me surviving one.
On that note, TaeKwonDo, like every other martial art, cannot fully prepare you for a street fight. However, TaeKwonDo can help. It has an emphasis on kicks, which strengthen the legs. Having stronger legs allows you to run faster, which means that you can get away from a dangerous situation quicker.
There is one final reason that I want to share: the ranking system that TaeKwonDo has. This system allows me to set achievable goals that I can and will achieve. This helps with self esteem. Knowing that I am on a journey, and that I will not be stopping until I have reached my goals helps build self confidence.
So, to summarize why TaeKwonDo is important to me. One, I like it, it has been a fun journey. Two, It is a martial art that helps me get a good workout in. Three, it can help me get away from a street fight. Four, It helps with self-confidence. So there you have it. My reasons for doing TaeKwonDo.

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