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  • The instructors are wonderful ladies, they made my girls comfortable and ready to learn new things. The lesson was engaging and they interacted with every student one-on-one. The facilities are spacious, clean. My girls really enjoyed their time here.
    Viktoria Szekely Muirhead
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My youngest child, 4 1/2 years old, has decided to follow in his older brother's footsteps. Zander loves the Deputy Dragons class. It is fun for him and he is learning so many different things. I never knew fitness could be fun for a 4 year old! Also, the Poteet's and their staff, are amazing with all of their students, no matter what age! I wouldn't dream of going any where else!!

    Tiffany S.
  • The only thing nicer than the facility is the people!!
    Poteet Martial Arts (Poteet Posse)

    Mark Henderson
  • We could definitely yell this from the rooftops. If you are looking for a great place for your family
    Poteet Martial Arts (Poteet Posse)
    is the place to be. Thanks
    for everything you guys do.
  • Amazing facility with a huge fitness area. And the floors are cushy! 5 Stars! 
  • Kids Martial Arts Midlothian

    Amazing Instructors. 5 Stars! 

  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    Our son is in Deputy Dragons and is a kindergartener. He loves coming to Poteet Martial Arts. Most mornings he asks me if he has Taekwondo that day. The thing we have liked about this school is the quality of instructors that are working with him. They have three black belts teaching the class which makes for plenty of help for each kid and quality instruction. When my child couldn't accomplish the move on the first try they just kept working with him and building his confidence with words like, "I know you can do this." We are enjoying the family atmosphere in this school.

    Jamie S.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian
    Austin  has  been    going to  Poteet Martial  Arts studio for 3 years now.  He is in special  needs class.  You  couldn't ask  for  a greater group of teachers    They build up the students confidence and see  that everyone feels successful. The  students help  each other  out and there  is  always  a safe environment  and  respect is  taught.  Check  it  out!
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian
    Both of my kids are Black Belts at Poteet Martial Arts. I appreciate the family atmosphere and high quality instruction. Mr. And Mrs. Poteet are always encouraging of students of all ages and abilities. I highly recommend this martial arts school!
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    I've been training here for almost two years and I love it. I feel like it's one big family no matter what class I'm taking. I have gotten in so much better shape since I started cardio kickboxing and Taekwon Do. In my opinion, this is the best place to learn Taekwon Do.

    Taylor W.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    It has been a pleasure to watch my 3 kids grow up in Poteet Martial Arts. They have mentored them and individualized their instruction, commending their strengths and helping them work through their weakness. As a parent, it is wonderful to have instructors that teach kids to show respect to not only their elders, but also those who are younger. There is an atmosphere of learning and helping others learn. All of my kids now have their black belts and one of my daughters will be trying out for nationals. What a joy to be part of this Taekwon-do family.

    Bette A.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    Poteet Martial Arts has been wonderful for my son and my whole family. My son not only enjoys learning TKD there, but also loves to stay after class and talk to the Poteets about video games and superhero movies, lol. My husband will be joining soon and start training for his 3rd-degree black belt. And I love going to the kickboxing class. I can not stress how much it feels like a big family there. You can truly tell that they care as much about the kids, big and little, as they do about TKD and fitness.

    Dawn G.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My son Zach 8yrs old wanted to take Tae Kwon. So I looked around to find the high-quality training that I had had many years ago under Master Nunez in West Texas and I found Poteet martial arts. It brings back so many great memories of the Tae kwon do family I had in Odessa. The Poteet's are awesome as all of their instructors. It's a great, positive and fun family atmosphere where they care about the students. They give top-notch instruction while having fun. You can just tell that they are all instructors and students are a large Tae Know do family for life. 

    Donny G.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    At PMA, my kids are appreciated, valued, and respected. There are no shortcuts here. Students are expected to work hard and earn achievements. PMA offers fun age-appropriate classes that appeal to all and because of that, increase learning. The Poteet family provides ample opportunity to work around individual schedules. A once shy child is now a confident leader and encourager of those around him. I am grateful to the Poteet family in profoundly improving my children's lives.

    Kate W.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    Fantastic family-run facility. Whether training national champions or white belts, the Poteets & Instructors empower you to improve.

    Peter D.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My daughter has been a student with Poteet Martial Arts for the past 3 years, this is our home away from home!! Not sure that you will find a place that is more family oriented and that is all about the kids. Also, love the kickboxing!

    Kimberly H.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    The instructors are so friendly and are absolutely awesome with my son. Great place!

    Amanda B.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    What a blessing it was to have the Poteets as my daughter's TKD coaches when she won the 2015 World Championship in Jr Women's Sparring. They have been an integral part of her TKD training for 10 yrs. We look forward to "the road" to the 2017 World Championships!

    Gina R.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My kid is in the class for 6-year-olds.  There is a 1 to 3 ratio for teachers to students. High quality, plenty of space. Mr. Poteet is leading a great organization. 

    John S.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    What a fantastic place to train. A real family atmosphere! I highly recommend you try it out!

    Jeremy K.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My Grandson has been in Poteet Martial Arts for a little over a year now. I am very satisfied with Mr. and Mrs. Poteet as instructors. They are very dedicated to their students and are excellent teachers. My grandson skills and physical endurance has increased greatly. They are highly recommended! 

    Karen B.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My Grandson Jeffrey has recently transferred to Poteet Martial Arts. He and his parents are very pleased with having a fine place to continue his training and he is very happy there.

    Joy M.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My Grandson, Jeffrey, transferred to Poteet Martial Arts from another training/learning facility.  We Highly recommend this facility.  They are great instructors.  They are truly dedicated to the education and well being of children as well as adults.  We are all very proud to be a member of this Martial Arts training facility.

    Katherine W.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    We joined PMA after our martial arts center closed down and were welcomed with open arms. The Poteet family make learning TKD fun while teaching the discipline and technique needed to win championships! We are excited about joining the Poteet Posse!

    Christina G.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    My family (myself and 4 kids)recently started attending Poteet Martial Arts after our former Tae Kwon Do instructor moved.  The transition has been nothing short of awesome.  We already feel like family at the school.  Even though there are many people attending the classes, it still feels like each one of us gets personal attention.  I am looking forward to my journey towards Black Belt with the Poteet Posse.

    Leon H.
  • Kids Martial Arts near Midlothian

    A top-notch TKD school through the International TKD Federation!! Quality instruction coupled with fun! I would recommend Poteet Martial Arts to anyone....children through adult!

    Sarah M.

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