You are invited to our first Back to School Zumba Party at PMA Saturday August 29th, Benefitting Manna House. This back to school bash is FREE to all ladies ages 10 and up with a back to school donation (ie, pack of pens, markers, highlighters or pencils). Additional donations earn you door prizes, 1 for each donation. Also, bring a friend, that also earns a raffle ticket! There will be numerous drawings from the raffle tickets for some awesome prizes including a 10 class punch card(s) (value $75). Comfortable athletic attire suggested, tennis shoes are optional and water highly recommended. Regular classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8 pm. Drop In rate is regularly $10.00 a person and 10 class punch cards valid for 90 days are only $75.00 (that's only $7.50 a class!). Mom's, if you bring your daughter or granddaughter, they are 1/2 price! PMA TKD students are also 1/2 price! Items needed: Pencils Markers/Highlighters Pens Lined Paper Plain paper Ear Buds Folders (boys and girls) 2” 3-ring Binders

Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Midlothian

Burn Hundreds Of Calories And Get In Great Shape With Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Take on a high-energy training system today with our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Midlothian. We're helping men and women ages 13+ of all skill levels burn hundreds of calories in each class and learn to strike with power and speed. 

This bootcamp style program keeps your heart racing from start to finish and can produce incredible results in no time! Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about Poteet Martial Arts today!

Fitness Kickboxing Is The Best Way Melt Fat And Stay Motivated

We know how challenging it can be to stick to a fitness routine. Either it gets boring or it doesn't produce results - or maybe even BOTH!

That's not us.

At Poteet Martial Arts, we aim to keep our Fitness Kickboxing program fresh every week. You'll take on new workouts and challenge yourself like never before.

From day one, you can enjoy the best blend of cardiovascular workouts and strength building movements. PLUS, your newfound striking skills could keep you safe in the face of danger.

Join us in Midlothian for:

  • Total-body toning
  • Incredible strength gains
  • Boosted endurance, speed, and agility
  • An awesome sense of accomplishment

Don't Forget: Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes Can Impact Every Aspect Of Your Life

Break free from your boring routine and introduce some energy back into your workouts. We're helping you stay on your toes and enjoy the benefits our high-energy workouts in every aspect of your life. 

At Poteet Martial Arts, you can challenge your body, mind, and soul - all at once.

Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes are designed to:

  • Reduce your daily stress levels
  • Improve your everyday focus
  • Give you better sleep patterns
  • Help you feel more confident than ever before

Don't Miss Out! We're Helping Midlothian See Real Results With Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes! 

If you're looking for a change, we've got the answer. At Poteet Martial Arts, our Fitness Kickboxing Classes are perfect for all experience levels. Join us in Midlothian and take on a total-body challenge. You'll feel better from day one.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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