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Good Morning All,

We wanted to remind you all that we are closed tomorrow Monday 9/3 for Labor Day. 

We hope you have all had an opportunity to register for our Lone Star Invitational that is Saturday 9/8. If not, do it soon. The price goes up after Labor Day! 

Please find the registration link for our Lone Star Invitational Tournament & The ATFI National Qualifier:…

Additionally anyone who is planning to serve as an Umpire/Judge/Volunteer or Coach please register here:…

Additionally as school is back in session and fall is on the way it is time to start wearing full uniform to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday classes. Full uniforms are also required for belt tests and tournaments. On Monday and Tuesday t shirts are acceptable in lieu of uniform jackets, please remember that white, gray, and pink are the only non-belt color shirts allowed for all ranks. They should be TKD shirts or plain shirts without print. Color belts are also allowed to wear up to their belt rank colored shirts, example a green belt can also wear yellow or green shirts, or a red belt could wear yellow, green, blue, or red shirts. If you have questions, please ask. 

We have a new special for new students for the month of September - $59.00 for an official uniform and the month of lessons! 

Last but not least, we want to congratulate Mr. Caleb Lewis as our September Poteet Padawan - aka Student of the Month. Caleb is now eligible to receive a FREE 1 hour private lesson with Mr. or Mrs. Poteet. 

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