Updated 2020 Schedule and News

Please check our updated class schedule, effective 2/1/2020. Please know that our Monday and Wednesday classes have been eliminated. Any students who may have attended it can attend any of the Monday - Thursday all level classes at 6 pm. In those classes, we will be warming those classes up together, splitting the class into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black belt groups, and then concluding the classes with games/drills and bow out together. Mr. and Mrs. Poteet will be joining all of the other awesome instructors of PMA in those classes to make sure everyone is getting plenty of attention. Mr. Chris Poteet will be the lead instructor Monday and Wednesday and Mr. Jeffrey Wright will continue to be the lead instructor Tuesday and Thursday. 
Mr. Poteet will also be joining in the fun for the Deputy Dragons classes. Mrs. Poteet will continue to be the lead instructor for that class.
Sparring class will continue to be Tuesday at 7 pm, however the format will be changing a bit. After class warms up together, the younger students will work with Mrs. Poteet for 30 minutes and then be dismissed. The older students and black belts will working with Mr. Poteet sparring for 30 minutes and then begin drills for approximately 30 minutes. After that everyone will be dismissed and the floor will be open for those who want to stay and work on other testing/competition items. 
The black class will also continue to be Thursday at 7 pm with rotating instructors - Mr. Poteet, Mrs. Poteet, Mr. Archer, Mrs. McGinley, and Mr. Wright. The classes will be approximately 1 hour and then dismissed with open floor for those who want to stay and work on additional testing/competition items. 
We want to see each and every student at PMA reach their fullest potential and we are hoping these changes help to make that happen! Please remember there is always open floor time to practice partner work at 5 pm Monday - Friday (there are other classes going on during those times but there is plenty of room!). 
We are in need of 1-3 more board members for our nonprofit group, North Texas ITF Taekwon-Do that supports our international coaches and competitors as well as our special needs students, Posse Outlaws. This is a 2 year commitment. We meet monthly. It does require outside fundraising such as organizing donations and events. If you are interested please let me know. 
We issue gold stars for academic success. In the past we have attempted to do that after the fall and spring semesters of school. With so many varying school schedules - 6 week blocks, 8 week blocks, etc., we will now only issue gold stars the first part of June after the school year has concluded. 
I know this is a lot of information, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Yours in TKD, 
Mrs. Annette Poteet

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